DJ Service

  • Music sets the tone for your wedding.  Why trust this important detail to ‘just anyone’?

    Musical entertainment is an integral part of your wedding, and the DJ is even more important than the music.

    The DJ sets the wedding tone, keeps the party flowing, and interacts with your guests.

    I Wed Solutions has provided musical entertainment at over 1500 events since 1995. Rest assured, you get the Top-Level Service you expect when hiring a Premier DJ.

    We will work with you to coordinate the music that reflects your personalities ensuring each important detail is addressed, and our state of the art equipment ensure we can expedite your musical wishes beautifully.

    From your dinner music, first dance, to the closing song, we will help to craft those perfectly orchestrated musical memories for you and your guests to smile about for years to come!

    Allow us the opportunity to make your wedding day unforgettable.

    dancing at wedding reception

    6 hour wedding receptions are only $975.00

    Package options available to help you save! 

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